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For all you Prezi lovers out there, it is not too late to enter or nominate someone for the Prezi Educators Society. The Society is designed to act as a community-based idea accelerator program where educators and academic leaders will exchange ideas and partner in innovative, impactful ways.Click here or on the image below to learn more.  To nominate an fellow educator, click here. Below you will find a video introduction to the Prezi Educators Society and my entry Prezume. Applications our due by Jan 10th 2014.

Prezi Educators Society


This week I was asked to present to the Valencia Foundation Board. The Prezi below is a little something I developed to showcase some of the great things I have learned from working on Endowed Chairs. It is my way of showing my sincere thanks to the foundation, the donors, and anyone related to the endowed chair process. Please know that your work makes a difference in the classroom.




Train Yourself – Get the SoftChalk version of the presentation

Vocabulary Profiler – Identify vocabulary that may be difficult for your students (Thanks Lextutor.ca).

EasyDefine – Look up an entire list of vocabulary words at one time.

Prezi – Freely & easily design amazing presentations.

Google Docs – Create cloud-based shared documents and surveys that can be shared, authored & accessed from anywhere by anyone.

Voicethread – Don’t just do a threaded textual discussion, try a threaded video discussion.