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Interactive YouTube allows us as teachers and trainers to interconnect the video content we are developing. Interactive videos allow students to click from video to video in search of answers. If students lack background knowledge, links can be embedded within videos to link students to other learning videos that can help to facilitate that background knowledge. This video gives a basic introduction to annotations in YouTube and gives viewers a basic hands on sample with different Mosquito Ringtones as part of the video (for those of you who have never heard of mosquito ringtones, these are ring tones that some age groups are often unable to hear.) Have fun!


If you like technology, you will love the following freebies. Listed below are some of my best finds for CALL 2011.


Mosquito Ringtones – Don’t Ban Phones, embrace your students’ sixth sense but have them quiet their phones to your hearing frequency.

QR Code – Share anything with your students using two dimensional bar codes that can be scanned by smart devices.

Poll Everywhere – Turn cellphones into classroom clicker systems without spending a dime.

gFlash Mobile – Have your students contribute to a Google document and make flashcards that can be shared on their cell phones for free

Cameras and Scanners – Teach students to gather and store information using their smart phones and devices. The App stores on most phones have free scanner engines, and many of the new phones allow us not only to take pictures, but to make videos and send them directly to Youtube.

Eye Web Speed Reader – Turn any website into a speed reading activity. (iPhone & iPad for this app)


VocabGrabber – Create awesome word webs and really dig into meaning and context.

Top 2K – 200 corpus based vocabulary exercises based on the first 2000 words of English

COCA & Google Books – You may have heard of the corpus of contemporary American English, but have you searched the new 155 billion word Google Books Corpus?

Lextutor – Use this site to identify key words for content development.

Easy Define – Use this site to look up multiple words at the same time to develop digital glosses


Storybird – Have your students write their own picture stories

Letter to Learn by – Wow your students with this editing assignment.

The Robot – Could robots replace teachers?

Starfall – A Reading and Phonics Site everyone should know about

Khan Academy – Free Learning Free Content for Infusion