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Not sure where Jing is saving your files? Would you like to set up a special file on your desktop, or in your My Documents folder where Jing will store all of the movies you make? The video on the right is designed to help you do just that.




So you have installed Jing. When Jing is on, you will see a sun at the top of your screen. When you roll over the sun with your mouse, you have three choices: Capture, History, and More. The 3 minute video on the right will get you on your way to “Taking Your First Capture.”



The clipboard is confusing to some, but simply put, it is the place information is saved on your computer when you Cut & Paste things in documents.

Jing uses the clipboard too. When you set up Jing to send your videos to screencast.com, your FTP site, or some other location, Jing can automatically paste the URL (web link) to your clip board. Then, all you have to do is paste it into whatever document you are sending, for example an email back to a student or colleague.



To learn how to get a Valencia FTP account, watch the video on the right. To find the request form, click here.


If you would like to download a free copy of Jing, Click Here. If you are unsure what to do from there, the video below gives a very basic introduction to the process for downloading a copy of Jing.

Be Advised!

Jing will ask you a few questions to create an account, remember you don’t have to go pro. I used my Email address to establish my account, and doing this also established a free Screencast.com account for me.