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Interactive YouTube allows us as teachers and trainers to interconnect the video content we are developing. Interactive videos allow students to click from video to video in search of answers. If students lack background knowledge, links can be embedded within videos to link students to other learning videos that can help to facilitate that background knowledge. This video gives a basic introduction to annotations in YouTube and gives viewers a basic hands on sample with different Mosquito Ringtones as part of the video (for those of you who have never heard of mosquito ringtones, these are ring tones that some age groups are often unable to hear.) Have fun!


Wondering what I mean by Digital, On-Demand Learning? Watch the YouTube video below.

Warning: the video is interactive. At one point you will be asked to click on the screen. By doing so, you will be moved to another part of the video. From there, you will be asked to interact again and be brought back to the place where you left off. If you don’t interact, it is OK the video will just play through. Enjoy!

If you would like the transcript, Click here

If you would like to learn more about QR Code, Click Here.


If you would like to see the benefits of adding a 2 dollar green screening effect, watch the video below.

If you would like to see some other great interactive YouTube videos that really showcase what interactive YouTube has to offer, check out these three. They are my favorites.


YouTube is a great way to share information with students and colleagues. At the EAP Lab, we have an active YouTube channel which allows us to share various faculty tutorial videos and student lab instructions.

We’ve created for you a brief tutorial video on how to get started with YouTube. It’s FREE and really easy.  We’ll also share with you a more ‘advanced’ tip, which involves making your YouTube videos interactive.


Thank you for attending my Southeast TESOL Presentation. I hope you were able to take something away that you can use with your students. If not, I hope that this site helps you to learn some of the Teacher Tricks I have found.  As promised, below you will find the links to the various technologies I showcased. If you have any questions or if you saw something that I may want to add to my teacher tricks site, please feel free to Contact Me and ask me/tell me. If, perhaps, you are interested in having me present at your institution, Click Here.

Thanks Again!


Showcased Teacher Tricks


In my presentation today I spoke of two great sites: The Corpus of Contemporary American English (COCA) and Lextutor.ca. The following video reminds you how to get to these sites and offers ideas for how to use them.

Brain Rules

During my presentation, you may also remember me talking about a book by John Medina. To get more information on that book or that site, Click Here.

Mash-up:  Combining Video and Screencasting

During my presentation I talked about incorporating audio and video elements to spice up text. You can use a Flip camera to easily gather video that links directly to YouTube, or you can use screencasting software like Jing, Screenjelly or Camtasia. I use my Flip Camera and Camtasia to mash-up both worlds.

Google Forms

I use Google forms for a variety of things. I do 1 minute papers, class surveys, muddiest point, and my own Teachmeaskme. Here is a quick video of how to make a Google form.

Screen Jelly

For those you who like Jing, you may also like Screenjelly. This application allows you to make 3 minute video screencasts without downloading or installing anything. All you need to have is a free Screenjelly, Twitter, or Facebook account. If you would like to learn more, watch this video.

Squared 5 Converter

This free converter will allow you to convert Flip movies into AVI files that can be edited in other programs like Camtasia and other movie makers. Click Here to get to the free download.

Interactive Youtube

In my presentation, I showed an interactive magic trick. Youtube is not only more active than text. It is now interactive. Imagine how you could link together and sequence your own interactive lessons.