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Hello, My name is James May, and I am a Professor of English as a Second Language at Valencia  College in Orlando, Florida. I am also the Current President of Sunshine State TESOL, the Florida affiliate of TESOL Inc. My main area of interest is Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL), and I enjoy pushing boundaries and engaging both teachers and students through various technologies and innovative digital/communication strategies. During the past six years I have presented nationally on a wide variety of ever-changing technologies and digital innovations related to Computer Assisted Language Learning, the iPad, Web 2.0, Social Media, Millennial Shift, Video-on-Demand, Cellphones in the Classroom, Digitally Transactive Learning, and more. My blog was orginally designed to help teachers incorporate new tricks into their classrooms. It has now slightly morphed in that I also use it to help students identify high tech strategies to improve their learning.

Recent Awards

  • 2014 Selected to the Inaugural class of the Prezi Educators Society
  • 2014 Top Ten Bellwether Finalist for work done with CirclesofInnovation.org
  • 2013 Center for Digital Education (CDE) Yearbook named him one of the “Top 50 Educational Innovators” in the country
  • 2012 Sloan Consortium Effective Practice Award for “Cellphones in the Classroom: Collaborative or Calamitous”
  • 2012 Association of Florida Colleges (AFC) “Excellence in Technology” Award for the use of smart devices in the classroom
  • 2011 Carnegie Foundation’s Florida “Professor of the Year” Award for colleges and universities
  • 2011 Association of Florida Colleges (AFC)  “Excellence in Technology” Award for strategies related to Video–On-Demand learning
  • 2010 Florida Association of Community College’s “Professor of the Year” Award

As I learn new tricks, I will be posting them, and video instructions for how to best use them. The two Youtube videos below can give you a glimpse of what I do and how I got started.