Endowed Chair Thanks 2012

     Every year I like to do a little something to thank the Valencia Foundation and the organization who sponsors my endowed chair. This year that organization is the University Club of Orlando. The video below is just a small sample of what I am working on this year. Through my endowed chair I have been able to purchase supplies for and learn more about how to use green screening technologies to develop authentic, open source content for my students. For example, this year while in Washington for a conference, I visited the National Archive and learned about a letter written in broken English to the then president of the United States by a young Fidel Castro. In the letter, Fidel requests a “10 dollars bill U.S.” from the president. I have taken this letter and turned it into a combination Grammar & Writing assignment for my students, but I am also able to infuse history and much more, and thanks to the green screen technology, I am now able to actually introduce these concepts from the steps of the National Archive. Using technology from a previous endowed chair, I am able to make my own videos and close caption them (Please note that during the first 5 seconds of the video below, that you can chose to switch to a captioned version by clicking on the link inside the interactive YouTube video). Later on this semester, I will also be able to add a picture in picture American Sign Language interpreter to the lesson so that I can better reach another population of students. In fact, a large part of my endowed chair work for the rest of the year deals with working to make content more ADA compliant. Long story short, I want to say thanks. Endowed chairs really make a difference in the work I can do for my students.



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