Let Me Google That For You!

The other day, a tech friend of mine (Thanks Kevin!) told me about a hilarious website. If you are in a job where you get a lot of questions that people could simply look up themselves, you will absolutely love this site. The website is http://lmgtfy.com, which stands for Let Me Google That for You. To explain how the site works, I have included the following short video and the textual explanation below.

Simply put, here is how it works.

1)      Go to the site

2)      Type in the question someone else asked you

3)      Click one of the search buttons

The website will auto generate a link that you can email back to the person. The link will be a screen captured instructional video that shows the person how to:

1)      Go to Google

2)      Type in the question

3)      Click on one of the search buttons

The video then asks “Was that so hard?” and takes them to the result of the Google search. I found it hilarious, but I love sarcasm.

Warning: If you don’t like sarcastic humor, or do not use sarcastic humor with your friends and colleagues, this website may not be for you. However, I am currently working on a comical way to show this to my students and let them know that they can take responsibility for looking things up from time to time. Of course, I am still working on it 🙂

In the meantime, I have created the short video above that lets me give you an example with one of my favorite questions, “When are final exams.” It is never enough to post them in the syllabus, make the information a syllabus quiz question, post it online, and make announcements in class. So this year, I think I might find a way to work in “Let Me Google That For You”

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