ATEC Conference 2015

Thank You for attending my session at ATEC. As promised, here is my Prezi and the rest of your outsourced memory.

QR Codes – Quick response codes designed to make it easy to share information, handouts, training, etc. If you would like to download a QR Code Reader, I recommend i-nigma; click here to download the app. If you would like to make QR codes to use with your students. I would recommend using QR Stuff; click here to try that out.

GIF Files – in the presentation I talked about learning in a GIFfy. Click on this link to learn more about how you can make your own animated GIFs.

Photo Math

PhotoMath from MicroBLINK on Vimeo.

Image Searching Рin the presentation I talked about two ways to use images to search for words rather than using words to search for images. The first was the CamFind APP, the second was Google Image Search

Contagious –¬†Next we talked about Jonah Berger’s Book Contagious and his six STEPPS for making things go viral. Virality is an important concept to Generation C, when we design content for them, we need to remember that we are designing for an audience with audiences.


Using Video – Finally we spoke about best practices for using video with Gen C. Here are the applications I was discussed.

Send video Instructions with Youtube

Screencast with Screencastomatic

Greenscreen with Camtasia or the Greenscreen APP by Do Ink

Have students make movies or movie trailers with iMovie or Capture


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