Valencia Learning Day: Backchanneling & QR Code

I had a great time at Valencia’s Learning Day last week. In the short time I had to speak, I very briefly dropped the idea of how to use QR code and Backchanneling. The video below gives a very quick (down and dirty) example of how to have a phone or smart device use a QR code reader to scan a back channel (For more on QR Code, click here). Then the QR Code takes the user to an interactive form (in this case I am using a Google form). When the user fills out and submits the form, the information is sent directly to a Google Docs spread sheet (The storage space for information coming through the backchannel). In the classroom, the students see the QR code and interact with the form, the teacher sees all of the student responses in live time or in archive. You can use this to create a variety of Digital CATs and other surveys and assignments for students. ¬†And it is free. I guess I should blog the step by step on how to do this. Perhaps I will do that next. Post a comment if you would like to see more on this topic.