Google Docs

Understanding the Concept

My assumption is that everyone reading this knows about Google, but you may have never heard of Google Docs? However, if you have been interacting with the content within this course, you have already been interacting with Google Docs without even knowing it. (The surveys you have been taking were created in Google Forms and they report the data you enter to spreadsheets in my Google Docs account. Check out this video to get a better understanding of the concept “Google Docs in Plain English” made by its developers.

New Features in Google Docs

In addition to being free, another benefit of Google Docs is that the company continues to update and improve on the technology. Moreover, everything you create in Google Docs is stored in a cloud. In other words, it is stored on Google’s Servers so you can access it from anywhere.

Understanding Google Forms

Google forms are a great way to manage formative assessment. If you are familiar with Classroom Assessment Techniques (CAT’s), see Angelo and Cross (1993), then you will love this update. Instead of giving a one-minute paper or muddiest point assignment, give them a one minute survey, or a muddiest point digital survey. Students will be able to enter their answers through their phones or over the Internet, and Google Docs will organize the responses for you into one document. It is great for research.

More Ideas on Google Docs & Forms