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This interactive presentation was developed for Miami Dade College’s “Strengthening Our Roots: Enhancing Quality, Opportunity and Success” on March 7th 2014.

Parking Thoughts in Parking Lots

Backchanneling Today’s Meet  SpeakUp


Douglas Adams - Helping Us Understand Ourselves

Mark Prensky’s Digital Immigrants - All now naturalized citizens.

Digital Natives

Access and Community

Who are Sugata Mitra and Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi?

Possible new perspectives on emotion, cognition, and attention

Lev Vygotsky’s Zone of Proximal Development - Soduku, Road signs & Junior Mentors

Massive Multiplayer Fun: Flow, Fiero and Naches

Planning your PLN: Mavens, Connectors & Feeding

In The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell describes three characters and you should do your best to identify them and add them to your PLN. Here are some FEED ideas (Idea channel, TED, Vsauce, smarter every day,  edudemic, mashable, techcrunch, readwriteweb, wired, twitter, lifehacker, 21st century learning, iTunes U, edutopia, classroom 2.0, iLearn Technology, EdTechTalk, infinite Thinking Machine, Dangerously Irrelevant,, Facebook, Pinterest)




Common placing in the 21st Century

How many of you are currently using Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, Facebook, Pinterest? Then you are Common Placing!

CTD0205k: Tumbler Multimedia Microblogging CTD0208a: Facebook 101

The Power of Infographics

Go ahead, Google Infographic on Infographics!

Fun with Photoshop

If you liked that video, you should see this.  Ok, one more just for fun. 

Free Fun with Pixlr









Writing in the Clouds

Google Drive, iCloud, Office 365

The Flipped Classroom

Chickering and Gamson’s 7 principles and Blooms Taxonomy on its head

Best Practices for Youtube

How many of you know about Funtwo?

Dragontape - Jenny’s Number

Going Walkabout


Screen-cast-omatic  - CTD0205d: Screen Capture Learning Objects CTD0205m: Create Your YouTube Channel

TED in the Classroom

Embedding, TEDed, Hosting TED events

CTD0207: NBC Learn- 80 years of Broadcast

Augmented Reality –Tagging Reality!

You are going to want to see this!


This past weekend, I was talking with long time friend and colleague Li-lee Tunceren from St. Petersburg College. Somehow we got on the topic of Brain Rules. She was telling me about a great faculty development piece that was done at SPC, and she was kind enough to share the link.

If you are a teacher or presenter interested in learning more about how to weave John Medina’s Brain rules into the art of effective presentations, you want to check out the link. It is loaded with, links, research articles, handouts, video on-demand training and more. My favorite part was the bit on how to effectively use graphics for presentations and how to go about getting those graphics for free. Thanks for sharing Li-lee.


Thank you for attending our presentation at NISOD 2012. For those of you interested in the CASE model or any of our presentation materials, here you go. Also, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us via email.

This is the Prezi we used for the presentation

This is the SoftChalk Module (Remember – Rock&Roll Hand) showing you how to ROCK a google Search.

If you enjoyed the videos we used, here you go.

A magazine is an iPad that doesn’t work

RSA Animate Where Good Ideas Come From (Steven Johnson)

CASE Intro Video

How to Rock a Google Search


In one of the faculty development courses I facilitate, I had a few questions about Faculty Front Door and how I embed websites into Blackboard posts. I designed the videos below to share some of these tricks with my colleagues at Valencia College. However, please note that anyone could use these videos to do the same tricks in blogs, WebCT or other CMS courses, SoftChalk, really anywhere you can copy and paste “Source Code”.

This first video demonstrates how to edit your Valencia Faculty Front Door

This next video demonstrates how to embed webpages into Blackboard pages and posts. But first let me give you the code I talk about in the video. Again, you don’t have to understand this code, you just have to type it in the code view and paste in your link and hit submit. Blackboard will take care of the rest. Good luck! Remember if it is not working, you may not have typed in the code correctly.