Bricks and Clicks and Teacher Tricks – SSTESOL2015

Getting Started

Jenny’s Number –  Dragontape is a tool that allows you to combine Youtube Videos. This link takes you to a dragontape with examples of a Movie Trailer (talked about later)  & the “Paper is Not Dead” starter video

14th Century Classroom

Introducing Generation C

Generation Why? The Millennials, Generation Z

Words from letters   Prefix Suffix    COCA Corpus   Reverse Dictionaries Visual Dictionaries

We Don’t Know What We Don’t Know

Apps, Math (60*8*5*50), & Road Signs

Active Learning

Meta analysis on active learning “average examination scores improved by about 6% in active learning sections, and that students in classes with traditional lecturing were 1.5 times more likely to fail than were students in classes with active learning.

A Study from BYU foung “conclude that the flipped classroom does not result in higher learning gains or better attitudes compared with the nonflipped classroom when both utilize an active-learning”

 Bricks & Clicks

Cold Calling, No Opt Out and I don’t Know Yet

First 5 Activities

My Favorite No

Random Pickers (password: teachertricks)







Google-a-Day (Skills  –  Lessons)


Post – Its      Post-it Printables     Post-it Plus    iBrainstorm App


Learning in the Cloud

Letter to Learn By    Group Work Assignment

Audience Feedback     Plickers

Fun with Images

6 picture story, 6 word Story, 6 line picture

Pecha Kucha       Movenote       Capture App


A little touch up? Free Fun with Pixlr  

Gif files


Fun with video – Curated Versus Created

TED Talks       TED Ed

Safe share TV    Remember the Karaoke???

Movie Trailers

Music Videos – FSA gonna rock  & the creative writing assignment

Sock Puppets and Readers Theater, Telagami edu, Toontastic, Powtoon


ABC Quiz – Always Be Challenging

What type of learning does the research show is key to learning?

What is SSTESOL doing to get teachers to share their best practices with others?

What is the name of the new given to this new generation we are dealing with?

Bonus: What is one of the key characteristics of that generation?




Fun Theory and Gamification – Massive Multiplayer Fun

Making QR Codes    Scanning the Codes

Augmented Reality