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People who know me know that I like to use story telling in my classroom. Like many teachers of English as a second language, I tend to border on the theatrical. I guess I see myself as an edutainer of sorts. I have often joked about how great it would be to have a sound engineer in my classroom to add sound effects at just the right moments (i.e. sounds from jeopardy, suspense building drum rolls, or simply the sound of me cracking the whip).

I can’t be alone in this; most every teacher I know has experienced crickets at one time or another when trying to elicit responses from students? What if as teachers we could click a button so that the classroom would fill with the noise of crickets? I think this could be a great tool to help teachers break the ice and re-capture attention and interest. Originally, I had an idea to make an interactive YouTube video with various sound clips for my class, but in my research, I stumbled upon a great website. Rather than reinventing the wheel, I am going to try using this website in my classroom when I get back to work after my sabbatical.  I am also thinking of ways to incorporate the various sounds into student-developed skits and stories. This could be a lot of fun during a speech class. It could also be fun to do during the telling of group-written Halloween stories.