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The graphic to the left, and the title sake of this post is pronounced “impromptu.” For those of you not used to text speak…the IM  sounds like M, :\> represents the old DOS prompt (giving us M Prompt) and the last sound is 2 (two) which could represent second try, second session, or speaking with another person. Unfortunately, as a result of an accident, one of the speakers for SSTESOL 2014 was unable to present. Because I love the idea of impromptu speaking and sharing of technologies. I volunteered and we invited others to bring their devices and share some great TESOL teaching technologies. If you came, thanks for coming, I hope you enjoyed yourself. If you are just happening upon this page. Feel free to learn with us. This page is the outsourced memory of our collaborative IM:\>2 presentation.

Here is the Prezi I used if you are interested.


Here are the Technologies



Today’s Meet

Stick Pick & ESL Learners

14th Century Classroom

Digital Natives

Pacific tree octopus

Enhanced Google Search



Letter to Learn By



Sock Puppets





Readers Theatre

The Wall Machine


Prefix Suffix

Trivia Challenge

Apps gone free

Remind 101

Classroom timer

Free Fun with Pixlr


***Please remember that there are laws and rules governing the downloading and permanent copying of YouTube videos. Try to err on the side of Fair Use*** Clip Converter   - Have students take a virtual trip and tell you about their part of the world. We are going on a trip activity and I am bringing an apple… Read the bio of a famous person and point out key points in their lives.  Have students plan a trip, talk about history or use flickr/creative commons pictures