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Thank you so much for coming to my presentation this week. I hope you learned a few things and have some good ideas for ways you can use some of the technologies we discussed to better engage your students. Remember, it is not about the APPs, it is about the Application! How do you plan to apply some of these ideas to help your English Language Learners?

Before We Get Started

If you would like to follow along with us today. Scan this QR code (Page 18)

If you don’t have a QR Code Scanner click here to get the i-nigma scanner (My personal favorite!)

Here is how you create your own QR Codes


or simply go to

Infinite Looper

imgur – turning videos into looping GIF files

Jenny’s Number -  Dragontape is a tool that allows you to combine Youtube Videos. It is also on of my candidates for favorite Web 2.0 App page 37. – this link takes you to a dragontape with examples of a Movie Trailer & the “Paper is Not Dead” starter video

Douglas Adams - Rules for Innovation After 35!


Hello & Welcome!

Who am I?

Who are you?Let’s get some Face Time!

Parking Thoughts in Parking Lots


Today’s Meet (Candidate for favorite Web 2.0 App page 37)

Google Forms - Introduction Survey – Results (James’ Top 5 – pg 37)

Audience Feedback with


Audience Feedback with Plickers (page 43)

Questions – Concerns – Comments – Ideas

Bricks and Clicks

Cold Calling, No Opt -Out & I don’t Know…YET!


Post Its in the Classroom!  Post it Plus App  SamplePostitPlusBoard

iBrainstorm App

Stick Pick & ESL Learners (Candidate for Top 5 Pg 38)

Pick-Me Dots

Access and Community

Mark Prensky’s Digital Immigrants - All now naturalized citizens.

Digital Natives

14th Century Classroom

Today’s Classroom

Who are Sugata Mitra and Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi?

Possible new perspectives on emotion, cognition, and attention

Games & Gamification

Lev Vygotsky’s Zone of Proximal Development - Soduku, Road signs & Junior Mentors

Download the app from iTunes here, and the Google Play Store, here.

 FlowFiero and Naches

Questions – Concerns – Comments – Ideas

Putting Junior Mentors to work

Challenging them to build



MIT App Inventor


Questions – Concerns – Comments – Ideas

Planning your PLN: Mavens, Connectors & Feeding

In The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell describes three characters and you should do your best to identify at least two of them (Mavens and Connectors) and add them to your PLN. Here are some FEED ideas:

Twitter   Join Me


Linked In

Facebook  – Writing with the Stars

ESL Links

Idea FeedsRead Write Think,  SophiaIdea channelTEDVsaucesmarter every day,  edudemicmashabletechcrunchreadwritewebwiredtwitter, lifehacker21st century learningiTunes Uedutopiaclassroom 2.0iLearn TechnologyEdTechTalkinfinite Thinking MachineDangerously, etc.

Feeding Trivia – How many apps in the app store? How many songs in iTunes?

 (page 40)

Who is in your plan? How do you feed? Please share on my personal backchannel. 


How many of you are Nomophobic?

Who said books will be obsolete in 10 years? 

Lesson Ideas

Words from letters

Prefix Suffix  COCA Corpus (page 27)

Mad Libs App

Trivia Challenge

How about a Google-a-day?

Questions – Concerns – Comments – Ideas

Common placing in the 21st Century

How many of you are currently using Google Drive, Dropbox, Twitter, Evernote, Facebook, Pinterest? Then you are Common Placing! (page 20)

Using Blogs

The Power of Infographics

Go ahead, Google Infographic on Infographics!

A little touch up? Free Fun with Pixlr  


Going Walkabout

Best Uses For iPads in the Classroom

Things You Should Know about iPads But Might Not! For Example, split keyboard, jumping home, four finger swipes, & making an a page into an app.

Increasing Time on Task with Guided Access (page 10)

A word or two on classroom management – crowdsourcing some rules

Quick Post Lunch Review

Enhanced Google Searching

Making the best use of browsers Rover & KidsRex

Turning a webpage into an App

Best Practices for Youtube (page 36)

186 of the best YouTube Videos

prEmail   Handout

Embedding, TEDed, Hosting TED events

Talky Video Conferencing & Google Hangouts On Air (page 46)

Dragontape - Jenny’s Number

Infinite Looper

Anotations  Interactive Video with HapYak


Screencasting and Screen-cast-omatic  


Dance Parties

PE & Exercise   Massive Multiplayer Fun

***Please remember that there are laws and rules governing the downloading and permanent copying of YouTube videos. Try to err on the side of Fair Use*** Clip Converter

Questions – Concerns – Comments – Idea

Writing in the Clouds

Google Drive, iCloud, Office 365 (page 48)

Google+ Communities (page 45)

Letter to Learn By    Group Work Assignment

Enhanced feedback: Screen Casting & Pad Casting

Reflector App

Final Countdown

“If we teach today as we taught yesterday we rob our children of tomorrow” John Dewey

Sock Puppets




Readers Theatre

Tellagami Edu

Cheap and Easy Greenscreening


Augmented Reality –Tagging Reality!

You are going to want to see this!

Get the Layar App! iTunes  Google Play


Final Thoughts

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